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How LED tube light work
LED tubes lights are designed in a simple way. A clear plastic tube with an aluminum backing is made up of LED tube lights and then basically Aluminum PCB with light bead LEDs installed on it (276 LEDs on a 4ft tube). The board is then connected to 2 wires which come through the back side of the LED Tube light with a plug attached to the power driver. Because there is no power that is sent through the bi-pin socket plugs, they simply close each end with a cap and pins to simulate the look and design of a typical fluorescent tube light. This makes the LED tube light to be replaced directly in standard fixtures throughout the country.

The biggest selling point of the LED Tube lights is that it uses an external constant current driver. Some brand come with an internal driver which takes up space inside the bulb as well as generates a lot of unwanted heat inside the bulb. This in turn reduces the life span of the bulb. Our external driver allows us to offer a 2 year warranty and include more LEDs inside the tube with the extra space left over giving more light output per LED tube.

The light weight and shatter resistant design of LED tube lights makes them very easy to transport and handle. There is no hazardous substance to environment so all of the LED models are 100% recyclable .LED tube light without mercury and lead, and won’t emit IR &UV to environment. Low power consumption, LED tube light is energy-saving product, which is best choice for customers with the conscious of energy saving.

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