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Nores of LED panel light
With the development of LED lighting industry, as derived out of the LED-backlit LED panel lights, soft and even light, no glare, good appearance, reasonable structure, has been a lot of people love the light through the panel lights Shenzhen Shiluo design and development of research and analysis, we want to provide help on the structural design and attention of LED panel light

Bellow is the basic components of LED panel light

1 Aluminum frame

Appearance of the structure, the main structure and LED heat - generally used AL6063, aluminum extrusion die, a low initial investment cost, surface appearance, cooling effect, a few days ago to see the exhibition also found that manufacturers started casting framework, so that IP level can do a little higher, and the letters light better, overall appearance, but the high upfront tooling costs

2. Diffuser

Uniform light will shed light guide plate, as well as play a role in blocking network - generally use acrylic diffuser plate 2.0 or PC material, acrylic and lower the cost of high light transmission rate slightly higher than the PC, Acrylic brittle weak anti-aging properties, PC prices slightly expensive, but strong anti-aging properties. After the diffuser can not see the installed network, and the transmission rate reaches about 90%. Acrylic light transmission rate of 92%, PC 88% we can demand the choice of diffuser material, usually using acrylic material

3. LGP

Side of the LED light will change the angle of light refraction through the network shed - LGP is the heart of the LED panel lights, network design is very important, network design is not good to see the overall effect of light on the poor, usually appear 1 intermediate light, both the dark side into the light side of a bright side, the middle of the dark Stand on a different point of view, inconsistent with the overall brightness.

4 Reflective paper

Reflected off the back corner of the light guide plate - usually RW250

5. Rear Cover

Sealed lamp body - usually AL aluminum, the overall texture and strong, and can play a little role in the heat

6. LED light

3528 was also the general use and the 5050. 3528 light-efficient network versatility, the general started to do can be directly used to buy another home light guide plate, the design does not require re-proofing

7. Drive power

Light-driven - there are two kinds of power mode 1, directly using cross-flow power (high efficiency of this mode, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective) 2. With constant cross-flow mode (stable, but low efficiency, high cost) is generally used This model is designed for customers requiring certification, because the lamp is 24V input voltage lamps, do not do safety, safety of the direct use of power can be shipped to each shelf.

Notes of LED panel lights in the design process

1 thermal adhesive to be as thin as possible, preferably using a thermal plastic adhesive comes, or will affect the thermal conductivity;

2. Diffuser selection, now on the market to do a lot of selection panel lights usually smooth surface of the diffuser plus fog, there is a drawback of this diffuser, static major, in the production process is easy to produce smoke gray highlights, and in long-term use in dust through various channels into the lamp body, can cause intense bright light in the early spread of the spread of people using double-sided board, the effective optical diffuser, static small, light body to avoid dust The highlight of the effect;

3.LED light use, try to use high efficiency lamps, because the side panel light-emitting luminous flux output in the heat and have limited power will affect the big heat, and light efficiency is low;

4 in the stick into the glossy paper as not reflective adhesive, plastic will absorb the light, and prone to produce light into the smooth side.

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