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LED lighting for indoor application
LED lighting is not only in the living room of modern lighting, it is also important to create a home environment component of the atmosphere. Art and the light color by lighting coordination, make room environment a certain atmosphere and mood, reflecting the style and characteristics has always been, more install artistic beauty, the interior space more responsive to people's psychological, physical and aesthetic needs of management interest

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting products, prospects for world attention to their application, including high-power high-brightness white LED lamps also known as the 21st century have the light of the original price. The emergence of white LED lighting, no rate is so luminous efficacy of the principle of respect or is other traditional sources can not match advantage. Therefore, LED lighting has become a 21st century trend of room lighting; lighting for the room opened a new heaven and earth.

Lighting design which is most important is light, LED lighting design for the new light source opens up a new path of reform, much changed from the concept of our lighting to make our point from the traditional, linear concept of the liberation of light, lighting design concept was to display and re-established, lamps in the vision, perception and creativity on the condition showed greater flexibility in space, the room will be more energy-saving lighting fixtures, good health, art, and human travel.

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