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How to pick up best LED bulbs for your bedroom
LED light bulbs give the same brightness with much less power consumption compared with traditional incandescent. With Aluminum and PC cover as material, LED light bulbs realize good heat dissipation. High quality LED chip and good power supply ensure that LED light bulbs can survive longer. There are several issues to consider when picking up one of the best LED light bulb for the bedroom.

Types,There are two primary sorts of LED light bulbs. The flood design mainly is utilized for outside lighting. LED light bulbs using a universal shape are one of the best selections for the bedroom. Colour Temperature,The colour temperatures scale shows the hue of light cast by a light bulb. For bedrooms, the perfect colour temperature for an LED light bulb is 2,500 to 4,000 Kelvin. Wattage,How much wattage will LED light bulb need for bedroom lighting is dependent on your needs. A 10-watt LED light bulb is comparable to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. For brighter light, select higherpower consumption. Reading,Use an LED light bulb with a beam angle of 30 to 70 degreeswhen you read inside your bedroom. This can allow you light one part of your bedroom.

LED light bulbs can survive longer than incandescent light bulbs; therefore, LED light bulbs reduce the maintenance fee, even without maintenance fee. LED light bulbs will reduce your cost and is a cost-effective product for your bedroom. They make a good choice for light fixtures which are difficult to reach.

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