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  Name: 5050 60leds U
  Type: SMD 5050
  Brand: SHILUO
  Power: DC12V
  Temperature: -40°C - 50°C

5050 60leds Utype Rigid Strip Light


1. Used the high brightness reliable imported LED chips, wide lighting angle, uniform illumination.
2. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White, etc.
3. DC12V, low pressure driving, Safety.
4. Low consumption, Long lifespan, No need maintenance.
5. Customized length.
6. Application: 
 a. Jewelry display, Yacht lighting, etc.
b. Sign lighting, Advertising sign, Advertising decorative, Grade decoration field.
c. Residential decorative, Shoe ark, Ceiling hidden layers, Wardrobe, indoor and outdoor decorative, cupboard outline decorative etc.
d. Hotel, Gradevin, KTV, Marketing, City beautification, etc.
e. Showroom, Art Hall, Museum, Office, Reading room.
f. Ultra-thin lighting box, Lighting, Edge, Lobby, Corridor, Stairs lighting, Path, Outline illumination.

Detail Description


a. Jewelry display, Yacht lighting, etc.

b. Sign lighting, Advertising sign, Advertising decorative, Grade decoration field.

c. Residential decorative, Shoe ark, Ceiling hidden layers, Wardrobe, indoor and outdoor 
decorative, cupboard outline decorative etc.

d. Hotel, Gradevin, KTV, Marketing, City beautification, etc.

e. Showroom, Art Hall, Museum, Office, Reading room.

f. Ultra-thin lighting box, Lighting, Edge, Lobby, Corridor, Stairs lighting, Path, Outline illumination. 

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